Dress of our Group.

We use authentic patterns of the 1763-1784 era in our group, and have a library of them which each group member is able to use for free if s/he sews. We only ask that you make a copy of the pattern and not cut up the original. If you do not know how to sew, we suggest you learn the basics at least, because it will save you a lot of money in this hobby. We do have, however, a seamstress and a tailor at our disposal who are quite skilled and willing to sew items for us/you, or you can purchase some of the items from various historic merchants. See our links page. One particular item to note, is that we strongly encourage members' clothing to fit the cut and style of the time, which was close and conforming to the body. They did NOT wear clothing loose on our frames, like nowadays. When one looks at original paintings, both coats, breeches and trousers are conforming to the body.


This is a picture of one of our soldiers. In summary, to get this look you will need:


This is a photo of one of our lovely ladies. At a minimum, a fully kitted out woman should have the following items:






Here you see both of our commander's beautiful kids. When children are young, regardless of sex, they may be dressed in a simple white linen shift, linen mob cap, and shoes, either Chinese slippers or centre seam moccasins. Once they get to be around six, you should start kitting them out in proper reenacting gear for kids. As you can see, they don't like their mob caps and prefer wearing Daddy's hat.

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